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A business without a strategy is a dead business.

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Content Creation.

Your photos and videos should be seen around the world.

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Social Media Growth.

Building ads, targeting potential clients and making you go viral is our thing.

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E-commerce and Websites.

Make your mark online. Without a website, you don't exist.

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Google Ads and Services.

The world needs to find you. When it does, will you be ready?

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We are Alight Strategic

Social Media Management and Content Creation

Alight Strategic is a full-stack digital marketing agency with vast experience in the creation of media content, commercials, E-Commerce websites, social media management, social media growth, website and graphic design. We reach our goals by helping you reach yours. By doing what we love we help brands reach their dreams and in turn they help us reach ours.

What we do

Social Media Management

Social Media can seem like a frustrating thing to manage, but the truth is that when your running a business it's one of the most important things you have to be aware of. We make it easy by making sure all you have to do is manage all the new clients you will be receiving from our ads and your new online presence.


E-Commerce or Online Sales

Our job is to increase the traffic to your physical and online locations. Once that is happening, we direct that traffic to the right place to convert it in to a costumer. Sometimes this means making your website and managing it. From Amazon to Shopify, we do it all.

WHat we do

Content Creation

This is what makes us special. We believe that great content, is the cornerstone of today's success. We have no shortage of ideas, talents and gear to make any project a reality.

No matter what it is for, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ads or whatever your needs are, we are ready to make your next shoot production. Our team is eager to start working on story boards and gear lists to make your brand known world wide.


Consulting Services

We know how hard it is to run a business with so many moving parts. Sometimes it's hard to be up to date with everything thats going on around digital marketing. This is where we come in.

On site content creation

We create your photos and videos on a weekly basis. This helps us have your audience engage in everything your doing, every day.

Brand image control

Some brands are very careful about how they are projected. We protect even the most conservative brands from controversy and misunderstandings.

Monthly reports

Alight is very interested in helping small and large businesses to keep growing. Monthly meetings are set up to stay up to date.

We set your dreams Alight

What does alight mean?

The word alight has two distinct meanings: it can mean coming down or settling in a delicate manner, such as a bird perching, or it can be a rather poetic way to describe something that's on fire. No matter how big or small your dreams are, we can make them settle or set them on fire and make them a reality.


Websites, Analytics and Email Marketing

Alight is prepared to create your next website and all the content that it needs to make it stand out. Photo-shoots are planed regularly to keep the people wanting more from your brand. The analytics we receive will help us understand what kind of content you need, we optimize the website for search engines and email marketing strategies are planned regularly to have existing customers coming back for more.


Booking System

We offer a custom booking system for your business, right now barbershops, beauty's and restaurants are benefiting from this as they have their system working for them. Clients book their reservations, see if you or your employees are available or not, and after their done, they receive an automated email confirming their reservation, all on your own website. All you have to do is look at a calendar and see how busy you are.

Online ads

Social Media and Google Ads

It's not all about making the content, it's about knowing when, where and how to show it to your specific audience. This step can make all the difference. Social Media ads, SEO and Google Ads will help people find you online when they search anything that resembles your brand.

Grow your followers

Strategic Growth

Diverse communities flourish on Instagram - from chefs and musicians to rock climbers and real estate agents. We find the communities that will be interested in your business, the people most likely to become your customers. We have a team of real people that will sign into your Instagram account on a phone, and start interacting with your target audience by liking their pictures and viewing their Stories.

12k +

Coffee Breaks

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Team Members


Every Single Day

If you just need the content, don't worry, we got you.

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Content Creation

Here at Alight Strategic our goal is to make your brand stand out from the crowd. We are not "Just another media management company". We are content creators eager to show off our talent using your brand. Now we incorporate social media growth strategy solutions that make us stand out over every other agency and will make your brand known, all over the internet. Our brand strategy solutions will help you cover all your needs no matter how big or small.

Tito Febus

Co-Founder and CEO

In times where everything is inside this so called "digital world", understanding social media is a MUST. It's not just knowing how to manage a social network, but knowing how to expose it to the digital world is necessary. Alight offers the great benefit of creating the content that you want and need so much and take it to the social world that is the Web, Social Media, and TV, where you need to make yourself known.

Jayson Sierra


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